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January 2024 – SOLD OUT

Nothing Frustrated Me More Than YouTube...

I’d been a video creator for as long as I can remember, I even owned a production company that churned out over 14,000 videos for businesses. To me though, to make a living from YouTube had always been my dream.

One day I decided it was time to chase this dream and I soaked up all the advice I could find and acted on it. 

I optimized my titles with keywords, pumped out videos consistently (three times a week), and after a gruelling 18-month marathon, sure, my subscribers had gone up, but each new video? Crickets!


I thought it was gonna be super-easy. But it wasn’t!!! 

This quickly became the most nail-biting, hair-pulling period of my professional life. I knew what YouTube could offer, I saw businesses raking in revenue from it, and I had this burning desire to go full-time.

The punch to the gut was following all of this advice and spending hours and hours creating videos that I thought were exactly what people wanted, only to be met with a handful of views. And the kicker? The comments were all glowing – 

“Awesome video! You deserve more views.”


I was doing everything “right!” but it didn’t work! 😭

Fast forward to 18 months later – with just 8k subscribers in my corner, it was glaringly obvious something needed to change.

So, I did a full 180! I tossed out the conventional advice and decide to do the exact opposite.  

I shifted my focus to creating videos that were designed to grab attention, not just summarizing the content in the title. (This is a video killer)

I infused my videos with story, emotion, data, and a hefty dose of creativity… and guess what?

My channel, which had inched from 0 to 8k in 18 months, rocketed to 180k in just the next 12 months – a whopping 2100% increase in half the time! 

And that’s not all, my videos started racking up 6 figure views right off the bat and I kept hearing “how on earth are you doing this?!”

The secret? It’s simpler than you might think.

I zeroed in on the three key ingredients of YouTube success, and ignore everything else i’d been taught that had wasted so much of my time .

Now, I share my method with ambitious Educational YouTubers, helping them navigate the same path.

And the beauty of it all? 

Once you can pull this off, the views and subs start rolling in automatically. 

With every video you publish, your channel grows, you don’t have to post all of the time and you cultivate a devoted audience that’s eagerly waiting for your next video and misses you when you’re gone.

The truth about growing a YouTube channel in 2023

You’re probably wondering why your info-packed videos don’t seem to bring subscribers back or attract new ones fast enough.

I totally get it, because it’s a super common growth issue that affects channels of all sizes.

The crazy thing is, this problem is all over YouTube and you can spot it a mile off because the channels with it have significantly fewer views compared to their subscriber count.

But here’s the thing, if you suffer from this, it’s not your fault.

It’s actually because of the huge amount of outdated and completely useless info on YouTube growth. 

In fact, a lot of what’s taught is the exact opposite of what will actually help your channel take off, which just wastes your time, energy, and money.

No worries, though! I’m here to help you forget all that outdated YouTube stuff and teach you the real-deal strategies for building a community of die-hard fans.

The best part? These fans won’t just keep coming back for more, but they’ll also be super eager to buy your products and services as a result of your videos.

This proven system has seriously worked wonders for me. It’s why my average video gets 5X the views compared to other channels in my niche with over 10X the subscribers.

It works for my clients and students too, and I’m confident it’ll work for you, as long as you’re committed to the plan and focused on mastering the skills I’ll share in the Edutainers program.

From 95k-200k Subscribers In 10 Weeks

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From 0-110k Subscribers in 6 months!

How to ACTUALLY succeed on YouTube without wasting time

You’re already putting in the sweat and tears to create videos – but more elbow grease isn’t the magic potion here. 

What you really need is a smarter strategy, one that saves you from pouring time into videos that won’t propel your channel forward, and instead, zeroes in on the ones that will.

I guide my students to identify what’s worth their attention and what’s not, ensuring that their efforts are laser-focused on driving their channel towards their goals.

With that, you only need to master three things:

  1. Generate ideas that will have your viewers on the edge of their seats
  2. Package your videos so they’re impossible to scroll past
  3. Create videos so engaging that viewers stick around till the end – and then still crave more!

Edutainers is a high-intensity, 10-week program designed specifically to help you master these three things. 

It’s designed 100% for educational YouTubers who are ready to skyrocket their channel growth, bring viewers back faster, boost their subs, and hone their skills to make all this possible.

Real Results From Students

Introducing Edutainers

The only YouTube program built specifically for educational creators who want to get more views, grow their audience & hit their life goals.

This program goes beyond the basics that you already know and is designed for credible “educators”, entrepreneurs and channels who share information. This is what makes it so effective. 

Mixing in information for complete beginners and entertainment channels will only cause confusion and waste more of your time. 

Most people out there teaching YouTube ‘tricks’ try to catch everyone so they can maximise their earnings… but their ‘teach a bit of everything’ approach, does not lead anyone on a path to mastery… which is why most people are stuck at amateur level.

Edutainers focuses on advanced strategies for Educational YouTubers with at least intermediate skills.

In other words, this is NOT for everyone but I believe this is the only way my students can get the best results possible.

Over the ten weeks, the right students will learn the following. 


Storytelling Skills

You’ll build persuasive writing and storytelling skills that level up your content, captivate viewers, convert more subscribers enabling you to make videos your community crave more of.

Anti Flop Strategy

You’ll have a solid content strategy and planning system which will stop you wasting time on flops and ensure your work is watched by more and more people, which helps you to build momentum with each video you release.

Systematised Creativity ​

You’ll learn a system for writing powerful intro’s to instantly grab attention that makes it almost impossible to resist watching the rest of your video.

Packaging Process

You’ll inherit a framework for creating powerful thumbnails and titles which will help you attract more viewers, and the system will make it easy to replicate over and over, to get you consistent results every time.

Data Dominance

You’ll gain a deep understanding of only the YT analytics that matter so you can recognise new opportunities, and stop wasting time looking at the numbers you've been taught that don't matter.

Retention Skills

You'll deliver your message with more precision and keep your viewers interested, intrigued, and compelled to watch until the end, skyrocketing your retention rate and leaving them wanting to watch more of your content.

Only The Things That Matter

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of YouTube which will make the whole process easier and smoother, saving you time and effort so you can focus on only what works and other things like making more money. ​

NEW: A.I. Mastery

Not enough YouTube creators are using A.I. effectively, costing you time and putting you behind the curve. That's why we're incorporating A.I. into the program. This addition will prepare you for the future, enhance your efficiency, and enable you to scale up like never before. It'll start to feel like your full time YouTube sidekick. ​

Past Students Reveal The Truth About Edutainers

“I’ve spent thousands on other programs and never received this much support!”


Everything You Get Access To

1-2-1 Support

Exclusive access to the ‘Edutainer’ group chat for daily feedback, support and networking.

Video Training

Weekly videos will teach you the precise skills you need to become an elite YouTube creator…

Live Q&A Hot Seats​

Weekly live 90-Minute group calls for a Q&A and feedback on the work set in the programme


Workbooks to challenge you and get you to understand what you’re doing at both conscious and subconscious levels… so your understanding is more profound and deeper.


Practice what you’re learning, to make sure you fully understand the concepts, and gain hands-on experience to give you lasting knowledge and practical know-how…


Frameworks to grow your channel, so you can save time and automate a lot of the process while making channel growth so much easier…


Step-by-step checklists to make it as easy as possible to follow along, ensuring you get it right first time…

Case Studies

Videos that highlight how successful educational YouTubers use what you're taught to generate big views.

Life Time Access

After completion you'll have lifetime access to the video content and graduates chat room too.

“The course content was fantastic! But when you go to the group to get feedback, you learn 10x faster “


Past Student's Feedback

To help you get an idea of the true experience students have,  I decided to publish the feedback students have left at the end of each cohort, positive or negative 👇🏼

“The amount of support you get from the Film Booth staff and Ed blew me away”


The Schedule

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Who's right for Edutainers?

My Watertight Guarantee

Heres the deal, this works if you put in the effort to level up your skills.

But if I see you at every live call, and if you submit all the tasks and you feel like you got nothing out of this. I will give you EVERY PENNY back.

Now when you think what that means… one of two things will happen, either:

You will learn to stand out in your niche, how to deliver awesome content that skyrockets your creator business, how to build a large community of loyal followers, and it will lead you on a path to financial independence.


It doesn’t work out for you, so I give you your money back… which means you get awesome training for free. However, this is unlikely to happen as it would ultimately mean, your motivation wasn’t there, and you didn’t follow through on the instructions or put in the effort… but it means you cannot lose.


Each of our cohorts accommodates up to 40 students. We’ve discovered that this number strikes the perfect balance – it fosters a dynamic, engaged community during live streams and chats, while also ensuring that we can provide the necessary individual attention and support to each participant.

Every Wednesday at 3:00pm GMT we hold our live calls. 

7:00am PT

10:00am ET


Fear not, all the calls are recorded and added to the on demand platform. 

You can still submit questions and work for feedback even if you do not attend.

Every day, you’ll find me actively participating in our Discord community, addressing queries, and offering guidance.

Our live streams are designed to provide ample opportunities for personalized assistance. Interestingly, many students discover that their own questions get answered while listening to the advice given to their peers, adding an extra layer of learning and community support to the experience.

The program is tailored to push even seasoned YouTubers to rethink their strategies. It’s advanced content that requires some level of familiarity with the platform.

Therefore, we recommend having at least 6 months of consistent posting experience on YouTube before joining. This isn’t a beginner’s course, but an opportunity for those who have all the basics down a chance to dramatically enhance their performance.

Rest assured, each applicant is considered based on their unique merits and potential to benefit from our program.

Absolutely, all we ask is that you’re prepared to translate any content you’d like feedback on into English. We’re here to support you, regardless of your native language.

While participation in the live calls isn’t mandatory, I strongly encourage your attendance. The in-depth support and insights provided during these sessions are designed to significantly enhance your learning experience and channel growth journey.

Every YouTuber, regardless of their experience level, will find immense value in this program, I say that with a massive amount of confidence too. 

We’ve had participants who’ve been on YouTube for years express their amazement at the fresh perspectives and knowledge they gained from our teachings.

That’s because I don’t just teach about YouTube—I dive into the realms of psychology, design, and storytelling.

It is these core elements that truly propel channel growth and engage audiences in a meaningful way.

Countdown to Edutainers

Now taking applications for the January 10th 2024’s cohort 


The Time Is Now

Committing to a program like Edutainers is a significant decision, particularly if it’s your first foray into such a cohort.

However, it’s crucial to remember that YouTube routinely changes lives. It provides a platform to build businesses that thrive autonomously, and with a supportive team, you can liberate your time and carve out your dream lifestyle.

Success on YouTube isn’t about luck; it’s about developing the skills to execute a robust strategy. Inside Edutainers, we offer a blueprint for success and the support you need to advance your skills faster than you could on your own.

The real question is: what happens if you pass on this opportunity?

Do you want to invest another year in outdated YouTube growth strategies that have yielded disappointing results?

Or would you prefer to be at the forefront of your niche, expanding your team, and freeing up your time to chase your dream lifestyle?

Click ‘apply’ – we’ll review your application, and if you’re the right  fit, you’ll receive your invitation to join us on this transformative journey.