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The online feedback community and course transforming YouTubers image quality and clicks. 

Thumbnails are the single most important part of YouTube success. 

It doesn’t matter how amazing your video is – if people don’t click your video, you’re not gonna grow and that’s why to me, they’re the number one thing to crack on YouTube. 

But, it gets even crazier…

With sooo many competitors flocking to YouTube and mega creators dropping a cool $20,000 on a single image, how on earth are you supposed to keep up?

Well, you need a dynamic duo:

1. Killer skills to create ultra-clickable images

2.Feedback from others so you know what’s hot and what’s not

But here’s the thing: there hasn’t been a one-stop shop to learn all the ins and outs of effective thumbnail design, or a community of fellow YouTubers who really get what makes a thumbnail rock to provide feedback… until now.

That’s why I created Thumbnail University! 🚀

After chatting with hundreds of YouTubers and realizing that they all faced the same growth roadblock (yep, you guessed it – thumbnails), I knew I had to build a course and feedback community that tackled this problem head-on. 

And let me tell you, the results speak for themselves! Check them out below. 

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Consider this your secret growth weapon

Except its not illegal and you don’t have to hide it from your mom. 

Join a powerful growth community & get access to 👇🏼

Thumbnail Feedback

Get regular, in depth thumbnail feedback from the Film Booth team and community

Live Workshops

Join our monthly live group workshop for in depth thumbnail feedback and support


Network, learn and collaborate with other growth hungry YouTubers

“It’s elevated my channel to a whole new level” 

Br Brad – 140k Subscribers

But that’s not all!

Members also gain access to the game changing Thumbnail University course and learn 👇🏼 

Check out member’s before & afters  👇🏼

More examples of our members quality  👇🏼

“Its the community I wish I had before I started on YouTube”

Plugin Alley – 4k Subscribers

Now Includes The YouTube Studio Mini Course (For Free)

The data is in, more and more people now decide what to watch based on autoplay, so the first impression you make is more important than ever.

To help make sure your video quality is as high as your new thumbnails will be, we built members a whole new course to teach them how to create stronger first impressions through set design and production.

Free offer lasts until 21st of July 2023.

The FREE bonus course will teach you:

Membership Also Includes These Bonuses

Take a peek inside the most in-depth thumbnail course ever!

Members get access to over 10 hours of advanced thumbnail strategy, camera, lighting set ups, demonstrations, and step by step Photoshop walkthroughs.

The first half of the course is all about teaching you the basics (and not-so-basics) that are absolutely crucial to master.

We’ll help you build a strong foundation that’ll get you more clicks and make your thumbnails stand out from the rest!


  • to avoid the biggest mistakes in thumbnail design
  • design basics that make images more clickable


  • to avoid the biggest mistakes in thumbnail design
  • design basics that make images more clickable


  • how to set up your camera to produce irresistible image quality
  • where to position people and items in your photos
  • how aspect ratio impacts your thumbnails 
  • the kit you’ll need to level up your image quality 
  • Get to know and understand different lighting styles
  • Understand what lighting to use and when 
  • Learn to set up lighting so you can emulate world class YouTubers
  •  14  Photoshop tutorials to ensure you master the basics  (before we take things next level in the walkthrough modules)

Get ready because this is where the magic happens!

We’ve curated some of the best thumbnails from big YouTubers and remade them step-by-step in a series of detailed walkthrough videos.

In these videos, we’ll spill all the secrets and show you the tricks they used to make their images, and then you’ll produce them right alongside us. We’ll even guide you on how to set up your lighting and camera to create your own high-quality versions.

After that, you’ll get a chance to watch some Photoshop walkthroughs that’ll teach you how to level up your images and achieve the same quality as the pros!

Trust us, this stage is a complete game-changer. Recreating top thumbnails is how you’ll transform your abilities and take your skills to the next level!


  • How to recreate a top YouTubers clean thumbnail style 
  • How to set up your camera and lighting to achieve their look 
  • Beginner to advanced Photoshop tips and tricks 
  • How to combine photos and props 
  • How to edit graphics 


  • How to recreate a viral YouTubers colourful style
  • Pro Lighting and image production tricks  
  • Photoshop hacks
  • How to combine photos and props


  • How to create epic product & item based thumbnails
  • How to use coloured light to make items pop
  • How to make thumbnails stick out with cheap coloured card
  • How to grade your images to look slicker than BP’s latest accident 


  • How to create slick cinematic images
  • How to light images an HBO producer would swoon over
  • How to dress a set to get attention 
  • How to colour change, finesse and level up slick photography in Photoshop  



  • How to re-create on of the most eye catching viral thumbnails on the planet 
  • Advanced lighting tricks
  • Advanced Photoshop skills


  • How to speed up your production process
  • To design your brand style

Until the 21st of July 2023, new members will get the YouTube studio build mini course for free.

This will help build credibility with higher production and a slicker set and make sure auto play doesn’t wreck your views. 


  • How to build simple studio styles in a very small space 
  • How to plan the style of your studio to match your brand and personality 
  • Studio mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • The secrets of pro YouTuber’s studios
  • How to enhance your studio’s audio  
  • To put everything you’ve learned together in a studio build without size limitations 

Our members are raving about it!

How membership works

  1. Watch the course 
  2. Submit thumbnails to the chat for feedback whenever you like
  3. Network and support other YouTubers
  4. Attend a monthly live workshop for group feedback
  5. Enter the thumbnail awards for a chance to win $5000

“Thumbnail University is a game changer!” 

 Liam Evans – 30k Subscribers


Learn From Me

Myself, the Thumbnail University team and the rest of the community are always hanging out in the chat room, eager to have some fun and support YouTubers like you!

We’re all about making sure you don’t make any big mistakes, helping you come up with fresh and exciting ideas, and teaching you cool stuff on the spot!

When you become a member, you’ll get access to the thumbnail video course that’s packed with all the awesome strategies I’ve used to grow channels fast.

Plus, we’ll teach you the same thumbnail  system that top YouTubers swear by to generate big views!

We’ll even show you some photography tricks that’ll take your images to the next level and make your content stand out from the rest!

And the best part?

We hold a live workshop every month where we’ll answer any and all thumbnail questions you have, and give you the chance to workshop your images live with us!

So what are you waiting for? Come hang out with us in Thumbnail University and let’s take your channel to the next level together!


More examples of member’s results  👇🏼

⚠️ Warning: Limited Spaces Are Available

We really value our community of feedback-givers and we want to make sure that everyone’s posts are seen and given the attention they deserve! 

That’s why we keep our memberships limited – so that the noise level is low and the focus is on helping each other out.

As more members join the price increases so be sure to get in before prices double. 

But hey, we understand that not everyone has tons of free time to devote to the community – life can get busy! But don’t worry, even if you join and can’t be as active as you’d like, the Thumbnail University course is incredibly powerful and detailed so the investment alone just for the course is still more than worth it. 

And listen, we’re all about creating a supportive community here, so even if you don’t feel like you have time to give feedback to others, we still want you to post your own thumbnails.

I truly believe that this is 90% of the power of the membership, so don’t be shy – we’re here to help you grow!

Who's membership for?

Creators who:

Who's membership NOT for?

Creators who:

The results are waiting for you 

The course and feedback community has been tried and tested, and YouTubers from all walks of life have seen amazing results.

However, the key to success lies in your level of commitment.

If you’re truly determined to grow your channel, and you’re ready to put in the work and utilize all the tools we’ve made available to you.

The results you’re looking for are waiting inside.


You can use your phone to take photos however you will need lighting and the ability to put your phone on manual settings.

The course encourages students to do things to a high standard so we will always advise a camera but a phone is a good place to start. 

Thumbnails are so important they deserve laser focus.

For that reason there is no content on editing, storytelling, film making etc. 

Its 100% thumbnail focused for serious creators who know how important they are. 

Thumbnail University is an on demand course and community feedback group not a 1-2-1 mentorship.

The community chat is focused on all members supporting each other. 

The team and I will be in the chat daily but please be aware, this isn’t on tap feedback with myself 24/7.

The membership gives you access to the on demand content and community for 12 months because you need to consistently use it to improve. 

For that reason there is no short term option because I believe short term mindsets kill YouTube channels. 

If I had to pick between upgrading from a free editing software to a pro option or getting Photoshop, I’d pick Photoshop first. 

In order to level up your images there is nothing else like it.

Thats why this course has been built around Photoshop. 

Although you might get a lot of value from the photography and strategy modules we DO NOT advise you purchase this if you do not intend on using Photoshop. 

The first thing we’ll do is burst in to your bedroom in the middle of the night and drag you out in to the street to complete a series of challenges…Only kidding, there is no hazing at this fraternity. 

You’ll get an e-mail which will give you access to the video platform and community chat.  

An e-mail will talk you through it all.

Yes! You can become a member no matter where you are from. 

Thumbnail University is currently £700 for a years membership. (It will increase as more members join until we hit capacity)

You’ll need to convert the amount to your own currency to work out the most up to date conversion. 

Just type in “£700 to (enter your currency)” in to Google 

There are no payment plans for Thumbnail University. 

If you take the course, use the community and you do not think you get value from it, you are welcome to cancel in the first 30 days and get a full refund. 

After the 30 day period there are no refunds. 

You’ll just be asked to fill out a feedback form to help us understand what we could have done to impress you more. 

Join the Thumbnail University & transform your channel

Spaces are limited