For less than £2.65 a day, gain access to a dedicated team of YouTube professionals ready to support you anytime.

Spaces are limited – Closing for new members March 1st

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Thumbnail University

1 Year Membership Includes:
£ 970 per year
  • The Thumbnail University video course (Worth $897)
  • Unlimited thumbnail feedback (Worth $4950)
  • Monthly thumbnail Q&A live workshop
  • Quarterly updates (YouTube evolves, so does this)
  • Competitions (Chance to win $5,000)

Money Back Guarantee

Heres the deal, this works if you ask us for feedback on all of your thumbnails and you watch the course. 

So, if you watch all the content and submit every thumbnail for feedback within 30 days of completing the course, and our team signs them off as ready to launch, and you don’t start to see results, I’ll refund you.

Now when you think what that means… one of two things will happen, either:

You will grow your channel. 


It doesn’t work out for you, so I’ll give you your money back… which means you get awesome training for free.

However, this is unlikely to happen as it would ultimately mean, your motivation wasn’t there, and you didn’t follow through on getting myself and my team of professional thumbnail designers to help you as much as you possibly could.

Either way, you can not lose